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My signature and custom cakes are always freshly made to order, from scratch, using the best ingredients.

Order from a large selection of desserts, confectionery, fruit plates, and custom made cakes


Master Baker & Pastry Chef

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Devilishly Good!

Meringue, puddings, mousse, trifle, tiramisu, creme brullee, souffle, and more

Brownies & Bars

Melt in Your Mouth

Lemon bars, brownies, blondies, pecan bars and more

REVIEW: Absolutely delicious – Ruwan is truly gifted at what he does.  He also made this amazing vegan, gluten free cake for my daughter who has dietary issues and she said it was the best cake she had ever had.  Incredible at pastry making and Ruwan has the ability to make any event memorable with his spectacular creations.  Also, a truly kind, wonderful man to work with.  Thank you, Chef Ruwan!

Marshall M.

Beverly Hills

Cookies & Baked Goods

Fresh Baked

Chocolate chip, lemon snaps, gingerbread, shortbread cookies, french macarons, Rice Krispy treats, all made to order.


Flaky Favorites!

Pies, Danishes, eclairs, croissants, muffins, strudels, scones, bagels, donuts, cannoli, macarons, torte, turnovers and more.

Celebration & Wedding Cakes

Order a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, new baby, or for a corporate event, or any special occasion cake to make your special even more memorable and yummy. Lovingly made and beautifully decorated!


REVIEW: Highly recommended for cakes and confections to make your event special and send your guests into a rapture.

We were lucky enough to find top-notch food and wine for our wedding, but Chef Ruwan’s creation really took the cake. After the wedding our friends and family kept complimenting us on how delicious his Lemon Hazelnut cake with buttercream tasted. I have never been to a wedding where people gobbled down so much cake.

Chef Ruwan took excellent care of us from the beginning, when he had us sample about seven different forms of delicious, all the while giving us small hor d’ouvres and telling funny stories. We did not want a typical wedding cake which people pick at politely; instead we wanted to wow our friends and family with something unique, and Ruwan listened to our preferences.

Our choice, the lemon hazelnut, featured a hazelnut meringue whose light nutty flavor blended well with the luscious lemon buttercream filling and white buttercream frosting. As an added bonus, the Lemon Hazelnut cake doesn’t have flour — so our gluten-free friends could join in the fun.

Ruwan is a true artist! The business he runs is just a vehicle through which he can do what he really loves — create delectable treats to make people happy.


Bride, Wedding Wire Review

Choose from cake sponge, meringue, cheesecake, Boston Creme, bite-size or full-size cupcakes, and cakes on a stick available.

Cake and frosting flavors: vanilla, red velvet, banana, strawberry, chocolate, meringue, pineapple, raspberry, white chocolate, lemon, coconut, carrot, salted caramel, and more.

Decoration: butter cream (Italian, Swiss, French or milk butter cream), fondant, chocolate lace, ganache, or hand-made flowers.

Organic Ingredients: Zero transfats and organic butter, organic eggs, milk, and sugar, with no shortening!

No cake mixes, no preservatives, and no artificial flavorings.

Order from a large selection of desserts, confectionery, fruit plates, and custom made cakes



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Food is prepped, cooked and delivered from a Los Angeles Commercial Kitchen or at your location.

OFFICE: (by appointment only) 2478 Barry Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064

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